In 2013, Injustice took comic and video game fighter fans alike by storm for bringing a Mortal Kombat feel to DC characters in their own fight, now, we are three years later and Injustice 2 was confirmed to release in 2017, but now here is our wishlist. This list will include possible returning characters and new alike.

10. Harley Quinn

The clown princess of crime needs to return, imagine all her gear outfits, booster, etc.
9. Captain Cold

While he is already more likely than not somewhat confirmed (by the Injustice 2 official t-shirt) we would all love to see Mr. Leonard Snart join the fight between Superman and Batman. The real deal is, who’s side is he on, if either?
8. Kyle Rayner (White Lantern)

When NetherRealm Studios confirmed the Red Lantern Atrocitus and his Red Lantern cat Dexstarr in the game, fans went nuts, now imagine if we got a few more lanterns, like Kyle Rayner as the White Lantern.
7. Spawn

While not a DC character, imagine the possibilities. Spawn has great power and a lot of them, the question is, if they aren’t doing the 3 variation style from Mortal Kombat X though, what moves would he have?
6. Customized Characters

Now let me explain this one before you say no, it doesn’t have to be deep customization, just let us change the characters skin color and outfit colors and let us choose what abilities they get (out of everyone in game) and we can make our own combos, that’s it.
5. The Red Hood

In the original Injustice, the Joker (who is considered the original Red Hood) was given his Fishbowl like costume, but now we want the Robin Red Hood, the one and only Jason Todd, NetherRealm has stated they didn’t want to add him in the first Injustice because he would be a “Second Deathstroke”, no one cares, we want Jason Todd, guns, swords and all, give us The Red Hood
4. The Flash

While already most likely in the game as a character (he IS in the original reveal trailer), I would like confirmation we can play as him. As the Flash was one of my main characters to play as I would love to learn him in Injustice 2.
3. The Question

Some may not know who the Question is, why are you still reading this, go look at who he is first! Then you will see why we want him in the game.
2. Black Manta

Of course we knows he is already in the game, as a damn stage transition, umm no thanks? I would rather just have him as the character in full, who else are they going to have as Aquaman’s main villain? The Flash would have Captain Cold and Grodd, Superman would have Batman, and as much as Aquaman is not my favorite character, I still would want him and everyone else in the game to have their most known enemy against them.
1. Black Canary

The stunning Dinah Lance made an appearance in the original Injustice, as a mod. Why was she not in the original Injustice? She is the lover of Green Arrow, who was in the original Injustice (we can’t really follow that logic though because then The Flash would have Iris West or Patty Spivot as a character). We all want to see her than more than just a mod.
Who do you want to see in Injustice 2? Let us know with a comment!
That’s it for today folks, see you next time, I’m SpeedsterComics, and have a great day