I honestly have so much to say about this film. I have problems with this movie but I want to start by saying I think other critics were a bit unreasonable with how harsh they actually were on this film. It was no were near perfect but it was surely a great movie. *SPOILERS AHEAD*


Everyone who has been reading my blog for awhile knows I always start with the bad. My biggest problem with this movie is Enchantress. I think she was a rushed, cliché, and disconnected antagonist. She was extremely underwhelming. If you couple that with my next problem the plot you got yourself a big no no. Speaking of the plot of this movie. Suicide Squad had a plot so generic I thought I was watching another lame summer blockbuster. The plot was almost a copy and paste from the rest of the summer line up of this year. I was extremely disappointed and it almost ruined the good in this film. That all said I only had one other problem with Suicide Squad I feel like if you’ve seen the trailer you’ve seen the movie. I noticed that someone could’ve spoiled this movie for me and I would’ve enjoyed it just as much. I was only wowed once and that was when El Diablo turned into a fiery skeleton and fought Goliath. 


Suicide Squad had a redeeming quality that made up for every single problem. Every single character in this movie is done an amazing justice. The character writing and the casting is phenomenal. The acting is spot on for everyone and the cherry on top is I was invested in everyone from start to finish. I had an internal conflict based on which character was my favourite. That alone is enough to save this movie but on top of all that this movie had great action. The action in this movie is fun and gripping. It grabs your emotions and shakes them around wildly. Then comes the fact this movie was very well balanced when it came to mood and tone. I never felt like any relationships or comedy was forced. 


 I first want I say I highly recommend this movie and hope people see it. I enjoyed it and I want to see these villains in more films. I ask you to please leave a like, share this , and comment who you loved the most from Suicide Squad.