Oh but Speedster, The Flash doesn’t come back on until October, shhh, I know this, which is why I’m going to make daily/weekly Flash posts to keep the Hype Train up, so let’s get started shall we?
First things first, recap time, in the season finale of The Flash, Barry created a time remnant of himself, to keep racing Zoom in his (what I call) Crisis on Infinite Earths machine thingy. We also found out Barry did not create the time remnant from the earlier episode, but rather Zoom did. Later Barry and Hunter* fought to the death and Barry wasn’t planning to kill Hunter (maybe not in the beginning of the fight but he didn’t plan it for the end, keep reading) even though Hunter thought he was, when Barry was about to “kill” Hunter, two Time Wraiths come out of a wormhole and grab Zoom, making him, The Black Flash. We find out the man in the mask is Jay Garrick, who is a doppelgänger of Henry Allen, Barry’s late dad. And finally, in the finale, Barry goes back in time to save his mom, triggering The Flashpoint Paradox
Hunter*-Zoom’s real first name

Now to the season 3 predictions, we obviously know this is the CW’s version of Flashpoint, so seeing Batman is unlikely, but we can be sure to see Nora Allen alive once more, and Eobard Thawne back as the Reverse Flash, but how close will they go to sticking to Flashpoint, and how far will they stray away?
 We also can be almost certain to see Citizen Cold seeing as we have already seen Captain Cold (deceased). But wait, could Barry’s after effects of Flashpoint revive the one and only Leonard Snart? It’s by all means possible. 
Gorilla City and King Grodd. In Grodd’s official seasonly episode, he was at the end of the episode, introduced to Gorilla City, a town built and lived in by his own kind, talking Gorillas, maybe not telepathic, but at least talking. 
That’s it for my Flash season 3 predictions, I’m SpeedsterComics, enjoy your day ladies and gents.