I’m very excited to talk about my newest spotlight. I haven’t covered any Dc rebirth really. That’s no reason to worry though because my next comic storm is Dc rebirth coverage all the way. I’m gonna be talking about 6 rebirth titles. I decided to take a nostalgic turn for my spotlight. I think this comic doesn’t get enough coverage and readership. That’s why today I’m covering Hellblazer Rebirth #1.

I’ve been reading Hellblazer since I was young. I love Constantine I’ve always felt he is an amazing character. I also like how the comic is censored but the heart and personality of Constantine isn’t muffled. This particular issue is a great way to set things on a great track. This issue focuses on getting Constantine back in London. I won’t explain that any deeper because I want you to check it out. I really want you to read this book pick it up at your local comic book store or buy it digital. That’s all from me. I’m ComiQ of comicinclined make sure to like and share this post. Comment your suggestions on rebirth titles I should read.