I remember on July/15/2015 I gave my first impressions of Jared Leto’s joker. It was a crazy day for me I saw the trailer and me and my crew were estatic. I look back now and I still baffle myself with how long I’ve kept up this blog. It’s been an amazing time and I’m gonna continue. I know when traction starts to build it’ll be a day to remember. Regardless I also want to address why the title doesn’t say final thoughts. I don’t want to place final hard judgement until I get one more film with Jared Leto’s Joker. Especially since in Suicide Squad he was barely in the film. 

I actually feel like this interpretation of The Joker is very good. I had no real problems with it and I actually look forward to seeing him in the solo Batman film. Which I’m hoping it will be the under the red hood storyline. I enjoyed the mob boss feel to The Joker. It works in the DCEU that Dc Comics is building. Overall I say it’s a great take but not better than Heath Ledger.

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