This comic storm is devoted to the Dc Rebirth. Today I’m covering six comics I love out of the Dc Rebirth. I promised  this in my comic spotlight so here it is today. It was very hard to choose what books to cover but I finally picked six. These are all books that I think you guys should check out. I think I’ve said enough lets get started. 

I decided  to start with a series I like but I don’t necessarily love. I feel this series has a good jumping point , but isn’t exactly well written. I honestly just felt that this first issue was stuffed too much to be as short as it is. The book also has a very cringey unnecessary cliff hanger. Otherwise I liked it I mean the story is decent and the book is decent enough to get me to buy the next. 

This was a short and sweet taste of nostalgia. I’ve always loved the Titans especially the good old new teen titans series. This first issue setup a rooted love for the series already. I feel like from this point on this series can only go up. I recommend this book more than I recommended All Star Batman.

Aquaman is always so cinematic. What I mean by that is Aquaman comics in general tend to be like watching a well directed perspective rich film. This book in particular feels like it was adapted from an animated feature. I think this book was gripping and the longer deeper story’s introduction was great. I love the writing in this issue. I look forward to seeing where this ends. 

I know all the rebirth issues are strictly introductory. I must say though I felt this book was lacking. I felt it wasn’t as built for story building as other rebirth issues but instead more of a hype builder. Which to be honest as much as I felt it lacked I am still hyped by this issue. I feel that is a great thing as strange as it is honestly.

This rebirth issue is honestly my second favourite. This issue sets up an awesome story waiting to happen. I just love the shared lantern comedic forced partnership. This will be a beautifully hilarious book. I also feel the humour is amazingly natural and not forced which is great.

This is the final book I wanted to talk about and it’s my favourite. I’m just gonna tell you now I will be revisiting this series again. The direction  I feel like the book is going to follow is a great on. I think this book can only be amazing with what I’ve seen so far. I think everyone should check this out.

I hope you all enjoyed this addition to my series Comic Storm. If you did like it please leave a like and if you made it to the end comment your thoughts on any of these books. I also would appreciate you picking up these books at your local comic book store show support to creators.