1. Matt Ryan as Constantine In my opinion why fix something that’s not broken. I loved the Constantine show and 70% of that was Matt Ryan’s phenomenal performance.
  2. Serinda Swan as ZatannaI look at Zatanna and I find a weird resemblance. I also think Serinda has the acting skills to go with the fitting looks. 
  3. Nolan North And Kane Hodder as Swamp ThingI think the thoughts and human form(Alec Holland) of Swamp Thing should be played by Nolan North. While I believe Kane Hodder would be awesome for the motion capture of Swamp Thing. 
  4. Bruce Willis as DeadmanThis is in my opinion a weirder pick but hear me out. I think Bruce Willis can be very funny and charming which fits Deadman. I also believe he’ll be able to keep up with the action very well. On top of all that though he to me looks like deadman just slightly older.

This was a quick one-off I just wanted to get my thoughts out for you guys. I hope you enjoyed and make sure to leave a like and share this with your friends. Comment If you agree with me or if you have some other ideas.