This list is of all mobile games from comics/movies adapted from comics/etc. 

3. Marvel Future Fight

In Marvel Future Fight, you can play as your own team of 3 as almost any semi-popular character in the Marvel Universe, for instance, one of my first teams was Spider-Man, Captain America, and Carnage. This game is okay, but I personally didn’t get into it very much.
2. Suicide Squad: Special Ops

All alliteration aside, this game is very good. You play as Harley Quinn, Deadshot, or El Diablo in a Call Of Duty Zombies style, where waves of weird creatures come and attack you, and after certain waves you will unlock all the areas of the map, meaning you can go anywhere in the map.  
1. Injustice/Mortal Kombat X

These two games are both number one for the insane number of similarities shared between them, choose a team of 3 characters from the DC or MK Universe to fight on your team with special moves, basic attacks, supermoves (injustice), and X-Rays (MKX) you can play from any number of people including people that aren’t even in the original game (Deadshot, Static Shock). Personally my favorite on this list is Mortal Kombat, especially with the new Diamond update, adding Triborg as a challenge set.
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