I’m gonna shed the speed on this one and put the claws on, because hell yes. Just, oh this is going to be good. The first trailer just dropped for Logan, the final Wolverine movie, last night. And let’s just say, that was good.
The first thing I immediately noticed in the trailer, that was my favorite was the little girl Logan was taking care of, presumably X-23, who, is my favorite character in the whole Marvel universe. Which also got to see about two seconds of her in action, which is enough for me to want to see the movie. 

The movie will also share an R rating with Deadpool, the only other movie in the new Marvel cinematic universe to have an R rated movie. 
The trailer, while cryptic, showed enough to hype even some people who aren’t Wolverine fans. I personally, have not seen the last Wolverine movie, but guess who’s about to go watch it.
One thing this trailer sounds like and reminds me of is “The Last of Us” video game. You played as a man named Joel (who looks very similar to Hugh Jackman with a beard), who had to take care of a teenage girl, Ellie, and while X-23 in this is much younger, it has the same type of bond between the characters already, I can see it.
What did you think of the Logan trailer? Personally I’m hyped but also depressed we will never see the true Wolverine outfit on him, and I know they could’ve done it.
That’s all for today everyone, I’ll see ya.