The first thing I have to hit here is the death of Cottonmouth. Mariah kills Cottonmouth after he talks about her sexual abuse being justified. Shades then covers it up for Mariah. I feel this was an extremely ballsy move , but it worked. The actual gradual change of Mariah’s character is fantastic. She was always dirty but she slowly turned into an actual super villain. While she has this major character shift she also develops a love interest in Shades. The Change of Misty Knight on the other hand is extremely slow but by the end she’s turned into a watered down version of her comic self.Luke Cage goes on the path to being recognized as a hero not menace. He as a character also makes that change mentally. Luke by episode ten is ready for defenders and a true hero career. I wonder now though if he’ll ever get a permanent costume. I was surprised by the appearance of Diamondback in his comic book costume at the end of the episode. He comes ready to fight Luke and wreck the shop again. In general as the show is rapping up I’m extremely excited to see what’ll end this epic series. I’m comiQ of Comiconclined and have a great day.