I’m breaking my review into 3 parts. I’m gonna do episodes one through six then seven through twelve. Once I’ve done those I’m gonna review the last episode and a full recap of the series. I’m gonna go off the bat and say I like Luke Cage so far it’s awesome. That’s not what you’re here for though you want to know why. REFERENCES

Luke Cage is filled with several callbacks and references in the first six episodes. Pops calls Luke Cage “power man” a few times. That’s relevant because originally Luke Cage was called Powerman especially during his early heroes for hire run with Iron-Fist. The Battle of New York is referred to as “The Incident” and is mentioned several times. In episode five or six Cottonmouth is shown a piece of tech made of supposed Chitauri tech that look to make a reappearance in later episodes.  I finally gotta bring up in episode four Luke’s origin is revealed and he escapes Seagate prison in his original 70’s costume. He sees his reflection in a car window and says “You look like a damn fool”.

I don’t actually ever hark on an actor or actress’s performance. That’s something I feel I should change. Mike Colter is an absolutely fantastic actor. His performance for the death of Pops and his monologue for Pops funeral were astounding. He takes this show to great heights and leads with skill and passion. 


The writing for this show is great. It’s gripping and cohesive with little to no holes. It’s a show about a hero who honestly was barely even marketable before Jessica Jones. The tone isn’t in anyway Identical  to the past two MCU Netflix shows. That said though I still feel connected to them without feeling over reminded. I’m ComiQ and the next recap I’m covering my feelings on Cottonmouth and the twist and turns of the show. I hope you’ll leave a like and share this now go on and have a great day!