I’m more than willing to bet you’re wondering what this segment is. It’s me giving you three shows from a network that you should be watching. I must disclaim this is all my opinion which isn’t the end all be all. I’m happy now to get into my list on Netflix. These are all Netflix originals which is why I qualify Netflix as a network.


This show is unbingable I repeat you cannot binge this show. In no other circumstance would I say this was a good thing. When it comes to Black Mirror, this on the other hand is an amazing thing. Black mirror screws with your mind while pulling you in constantly. The show keeps you on edge constantly and the writing is superb, the acting is top notch and finally the cinematography is brilliant. The third season is out now I highly recommend checking it out. 

Narcos shows crime always pays because I love this show. It’s a brilliant cacophony of hard crime and gripping story telling. This show has a tall tale feel with a realistic telling. I never thought I’d like a drug lord but I do love Pablo Escobar. The acting is never anything less than great and the binge ability of the show is great.

Hemlock Grove 

I may be biased due to my love of werewolves. That aside this is an amazing show. It’s a monster mystery that doesn’t bore me to death or annoy me with cheesiness. It’s extremely sexy without loosing out on good story. That’s already a difficult task that the show succeeds in. I must say that you’ll burn through this show like a waving match.