I must start this review with something that I think you the reader must know.  This film is nothing like anything Marvel has done before. The movie is insanely ambitious with it’s visuals and otherworldly concepts. The point of this starting note is for me to warn the potential audience of one thing. I highly advise you do not use any sort of hallucinogen or narcotic. This movie is a drug all it’s own and personally challenges LSD. doctor-strange-pic-full








I have never seen anything like Marvel’s Doctor Strange and I honestly would bet you haven’t either.  The film literally is a visual masterpiece. The mind-bending visuals of this movie feel unreal in the best way. They aren’t necessarily realistic yet that isn’t a bad thing, but instead a expert painting of the experience of Strange himself. 11009973_new-promo-images-of-doctor-strange-revealed_728c5001_mBenedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange is a phenomenal casting choice. His American accent is absolutely amazing and is only faintly lost during the start of the film. The evolution of Stephen Strange throughout  the movie is well paced and believable. The rest of the acting in this movie is most definitely well done. doctor-strange-vs-dormmanu-by-peter-v-nguyen




The movie doesn’t turn you off by trying too hard to be different which is a problem many movies succumb to immediately.  It instead intrigues you with it’s depart from the “Marvel formula” and challenges you to think. The final thought I want to leave you with for now is forget what you know and go see Doctor Strange.