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October 28, If your favorite part of “Jurassic World” was Jake Johnson then I, feel bad for you. If you follow him on Twitter then you know what I’m talking about. My sources didn’t have much to say about it but, i can say that i’ll definitely miss his performance. His tweet, to say the least was very casual, as if to say, they’ll regret their decision.
Back in August, Warner Bros. had made an announcement that “Justice League: Dark” would be going into production. They had also, hired a director, Doug Liman, notable credits Jason Bourne and Edge of Tomorrow. It has been it development hell since it had been announced. The reason this has been brought up again could be because of the recent success of “Suicide Squad. 

October 29, Frank Miller has given his ideal “Batman” movie. 

“My dream would be to make it much smaller. To lose the toys and focus on the mission, and use the city a great deal more. Because he’s got a loving relationship with with the city he’s protecting. And unlike Superman his connection to crime is intimate; it has been ever since his parents were murdered. And he defeats criminals with his hands. So it would be a different take. But it would not be a great place to make toys from. There wouldn’t be a line of toys.” 
From this statement, you can tell that Frank Miller, wasn’t a huge fan of BvS. In fact, if you remember, way back in the early 2000’s, there was a planned film for “Batman: Year One”. Miller would’ve been a huge supporter of this decision because, its the film he just  described. And if you don’t believe then look it up cause he stated that. Anyway, Frank Miller’s Batman film would be on a smaller scale but, would probably be a lot better than what ever Zack Snyder has planned. 

Its the weekend so, I’m going to talk about the weekend box office.

Inferno grabs first place with a substantial 5.6 million. Not a great film, but good enough to make that much money. Coming in second is “Boo: A Madea Halloween” Im stunned and amazed that this has stuck around in the top 3 for two straight weeks. Again, its just another sequel that brought in 4.9 million in its second week.

And finally coming in third is “Jack Reacher: Never Go Back”. This pretty good Tom Cruise action film brought in 2.9, in its second week out. Personally i thought this film was astonishing in how young Tom Cruise seems with the action he does in this. these are you’re weekend box office winners.
October 30, If your a Flash/Arrow/Super-girl fan tread lightly. 

Flash show runner Greg Berlanti has stated that they won’t be going back to the original timeline in seasons 1 & 2. And the effects in Flash season 2 will have repercussions in the ArrowVerse. So far, the only real effect will be that Caitlin actually gets a storyline. I won’t give away all the details incase you want to read about it yourself. 
This is news that I’m happy about. Stan Lee is getting older, sad I know. And he won’t be in Marvel movies forever. So James Gunn has directed the next 4 Stan Lee cameos. But don’t worry Stan, will still have a cameo in Doctor Strange. Hopefully it will be as funny as his cameo in Captain America: Civil War or Deadpool.

October 31, Millennial Films has recently announced that they will be rebooting the beloved franchise, “Rambo”. Sylvester Stallone will not be returning to the role as he did in the 2008, sequel “John Rambo”. They have also, said that they will make Rambo more of a James Bond type of character than his previous incarnation. This franchise has become synonymous with Sly, and it doesn’t help that Millennial Films will be handling the project, considering their past work. Its also like when they tried to reboot Conan the Barbarian, with Jason Mamoa, when that character had become synonymous with Arnold Schwarzenegger, it just doesn’t seem like a good idea.
Two of the producers on Ouija: Origin of Evil have released a statement that there will not be a third movie in the TMNT franchise. Now, why are the producers of Ouija saying this, that’s because they’re the producers for TMNT. One of the producers said that there will not be a Turtles 3, but most likely another TMNT movie, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.
November 1, According to Deadline Entertainment, Warner Bros. “The Flash” has lost its director. Rick Famuyiwa, has left again due to (sigh) creative differences. We just got this news with Tim Miller and Deadpool 2, (Check out our last edition of News Flash)

and now with The Flash, really WB, really. You would think that before you hire a director you would already smooth out the creative differences before you officially announce him as your director but, whatever.
Opening this week is the long awaited Doctor Strange, i’m not going to explain this film because you should already know what this film is about if you’re on this website. Just wanted to remind you.
Just when you think that Tim Miller is gone he comes back with a winner. its has been announced that Mr.Miller will be developing a live-action feature of Sonic the Hedgehog, for Sony. Now, Sonic is in my top 5 favorite video game characters,but i am nervous about this project. Considering that the past Sonic games and tv shows have been huge dopes, they have not been good at all. But, with Tim Miler being the name on this project makes me confident that this will workout. As long as its not ANYTHING like Sonic ’06 i’ll be fine.

November 2, Johnny Depp (On my top ten favorite actors list) has joined the cast of “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2”. My speculation is that he is going to play Dumbledore. You may be wondering why Johnny Depp is going to play Dumbledore, considering that he has not had the greatest stretch of films lately but, Depp has the chops to portray the character of Dumbledore. Now, i am not the person too go to ask about Harry Potter but, if you are asking me then i would say that if you just give Depp a chance then he could bring even more of a fanbase into the franchise that his Harry Potter solely with his name, but hey thats just my two cents. 
The newest trailer for the drama “Gifted” staring another actor on my top ten favorite actors list, Chris Evans, has been released. 

Frank, a single man raising his child prodigy niece Mary, is drawn into a custody battle with his mother.” The synopsis. This is directed by Marc Webb (Amazing Spider-Man & (500) Days of Summer) who will bring a sort of tragic feeling as he did in Spider-Man and days of summer. This looks like a HallMark movie but, a good HallMark movie. 
Behind the scenes photos have shown Tessa Thompson wearing the costume of Valkyrie and looks pretty fine. I don’t know a lot about this character but dam hopefully that she blows it out of the water. But, i do have to note that her costume looks nothing liker her costume in the comics. 
November 3, The new Wonder Woman trailer from the opening shot looks beautiful with the clear blue water and amazing sky shots. Its like the movie Troy with wonder Woman in it. Although they’re are a few areas that i didn’t like. For, instance, there are some shots that are being reused from the first trailer, the comedy in this falls short and hist the ground with a thud, plus the acting of Gal Gadot really takes me out of the moment, because i don’t think she’s a very good actress. The only other complaint i have with this trailer is the finale scene, its not very funny and has nothing to do with the character of Wonder Woman. 


Opening this week is the long awaited film (At least to me) “Hacksaw Ridge” The true story of Desmond Doss, a native to my home state of Virginia, who won the congressional medal due to his part in WWII. This movie will give Andrew Garfield the Oscar he deserves. Plus, you get to see Vince Vaughn give his impression of Full Metal Jacket. 
On the new director commentary released in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, JJ Abrams said that Kylo and Rey have never met before the point of Force Awakens. But I’m guessing that Kylo has heard of her. Im saying that because, in one particular scene when Kylo gets the news that Rey has escaped, he says in a very scary voice, “What girl”. So when Kylo is trying to recruit Rey to the dark side its not an old friend or enemy its someone he’s never met before. 
November 4, News keeps getting worse for Deadpool 2. First, Tim Miller leaves due to “creative differences”. Now the composer for Deadpool 2, Junkie XL has announced that he is living the project as well. His choice songs to play during the film really brought the fun that Deadpool is associated with. For instance, he has “Careless Whisper”, George Michael, at the end of the film and, when i heard it i thought, “That is a song that Deadpool would put in his own movie. Really this news makes me wonder if Deadpool 2 will have the sam vibe as the original. 
Thats all the news this week for movies.

Come back next week for more.
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