Season 5 of Arrow has probably been one of the best I’ve seen, it reinvigorates the darkness of seasons 1 and 2, and has almost completely removed the love story factor to it. But the big question on everyone’s minds is who is the big bad of season 5? Well technically, it is a man named Prometheus, but who is he? I have my own theory, and I’m here to present all the proof I’ve gathered.

Who is Prometheus? Here’s my answer, Tommy Merlyn, and here’s why.

First things first, we are going to go back to season 1, episode 23, the finale. Tommy Merlyn is crushed by a building saving now deceased Laural Lance. He also happened to see the Arrow before he “died”. Now Laural is dead, and if Tommy is Prometheus, he could want revenge for her death, and for Oliver not saving him. He also wants revenge on the GREEN ARROW, not Oliver Queen, even though Prometheus wants the Green Arrow, he now knows who it is, thanks to Church (even though he more than likely already knew). Now one of my friends brought up a great point, Tommy seems like a wimp, and that the most he did was save Laural, well here’s my answer, Oliver turned into a badass in 5 years, why can’t Tommy? He can, and since his father is the Demon’s Head, he one, could not only be revived (or never died in the first place), and two he could be trained there, which could give him his blazing accuracy that he used to kill Church. 
Tommy also could easily just want to get back at the Arrow for letting Laural die, since he wasn’t there, he never would’ve known that if anything, it would be more Diggle’s fault than Oliver’s.
I also have two theory’s with less evidence but that’s it for this time, enjoy the show this Tuesday folks, it’s gonna be a bad one. I’m SpeedsterComics, I’ll see ya.