November 12, If you’re a fan of Supergirl then i have news for you. Kara will be battling Cyborg Superman. This was brought to our attention by the CW, in the season 2 episode 7 synopsis, “The Darkest Place”. The next episode will see James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks) take up the mantle of Guardian to help Supergirl. But don’t worry Tyler Hoechlin will return to play Superman. Now if you remember in the comics, Cyborg Superman’s alias is Hank Henshaw, that should sound familiar considering that’s David Harewood’s character in the show. Now he’s not the original Henshaw as he was killed during an op that involved Kara’s adoptive father. Harewood who plays Martian Manhunter, has been acting as Henshaw, so don’t get confused. But, the original Henshaw’s body was recovered from CADMUS and has bee taken by rogue scientists. To play Cyborg Superman however, my guess would be Dean Cain (Superman in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman) who plays Kara’s adoptive father. Or Dave Harewood who plays Martian Manhunter. Those are my guess don’t get stressed, they’re just guesses.
The acclaimed actor Robert Redford (Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid, Captain America: The Winter Soldier) told Walker Art Center that he will be retiring from acting. He wants to become a painter like he was when he was 18. He also might consider directing, his first attempt, Ordinary People, was a average film but he enjoyed it. His career as an actor has been plentiful and I’ve enjoyed his portrayals.

November 13, No news today: Nothing important 

November 14, The first trailer for “Beauty and the Beast was released. Man, some of the visuals in this look terrible. For instance, Beast, looks like Krampus, from last years horror movie of the same name. All the supporting characters look like just normal appliances, with eyes and a mouth photoshopped onto them. I’ll give you the names of the cast and you decide if it interests you. Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, Ewan McGregor, Stanley Tucci, Emma Thompson, Ian McKellen, Kevin Kline, and Josh Gad. Now, this sounds like an excellent cast, especially Ian McKellen, but when you know actor by their voice too well, while you watch that character, all you can picture is the actor’s face in the recording booth, now the character. Go watch the trailer and decide for yourself. 
Deadline reports thats Paramount Pictures is close to getting a spinoff Transformers movie starring Bumblebee off the ground. Their is a script, but know director, at least its not Michael Bay. Now Bumblebee is one of the most notable characters in this franchise. How do you expect to make just a Bumblebee without making a Bay Transformers. And also, how do they expect Bumblebee too talk. The only way he can talk is with a song or news broadcast. Just doesn’t seem like a great idea. 
The first official trailer for “Ghost in the Shell” dropped. I don’t know squat about this comic series, besides that it’s a comic series. There’re a few things though that caught my attention right away. One thing being, Major’s suit is skin tight, almost like “Zero Suit Samus” from Metroid. Another visual that stunned me was, the villains at the very beginning, they looked very creepy, almost like Human Centipede mixed with Asia, check it out for yourself. For someone who knows nothing about the property, it defiantly drags you in too the story arc. 
November 15, Believe it or not, Deadpool and Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2, have something in common. In a deal between Marvel and 20th Century Fox, they had a deal to exchange to characters. Fox got Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and Marvel got Ego the Living Planet, to be played by Kurt Russell. What else has been going on behind the scenes. Obviously, this means that Fantastic Four is coming in phase 4, jk don’t get triggered. But, what else is happening. 
Disney might be buying Netflix. If this were to happen, then Disney would become the biggest streaming network. I am totally into this. This is also the first step towards SkyNet (Terminator)

Overall, this sounds amazing. 
November 16, New posters and trailer were released for the highly anticipated, Kong: Skull Island. These posters look amazing, just stop what you’re doing right now and go look at a them, please. Don’t even get me started on the trailer, i could go on for an hour about the trailer, just go watch it. 
Inhuman is coming to ABC for a television show. The first few episodes will be shot in IMAX and will be shown in selected theaters. I don’ t know about you but I’m not willing to pay $12 a week to watch it. I’d wait until i could stream them. But, that also brings up the point go Vin Diesel playing Black Bolt. Sorry to all the Huge Inhumans fans out there,but I don’t think that he will play him any longer considering the other Marvel work he’s doing. 
November 17, No news.
November 18, Bad news for fans of “The Crow”. The long awaited reboot has come with major issues. First the original company sold their rights to another company. Usually, thats good news, considering that a different company will bring a different touch to it. But, scheduling conflicts may be occurring with the star of the movie, Jason Momoa. This is a big blow to that franchise. I was really hoping for some better news.
Emilia Clarke is joining the Han Solo stand alone movie. She’s most well known from Game of Thrones and Terminator: Genisys.

Now she’s a very beautiful women so it makes me wonder if she’ll become the love interest in the film. Either way i’m happy with her casting. 

This is Spartan Comics sighing off.
Go watch all those trailers.