Transformers: The Last Knight 
It’s time to talk about Transformers. The recent trailer has shown us what’s to come in a few months. the first few shots are flashbacks of the Earth when medieval knights and Transformers worked together or fought one another. Then as history moves on so do the Transformers. They’re seen fighting the Nazis, and something to do with present day war, maybe a call back to the first Transformers movie. Another shot captures the evidence of war by showing an obliterated football field (American Football, the right kind of football). A shot, of a child and Autobot are down heavily gasping, the effects of war have gotten to them. Anthony Hopkins gives us a very important piece of dialogue, “Optimus Prime has left us”, followed by a shot of Optimus floating through space decayed and cold. That is just like the animated Transformers movies from the 80’s. Then finally we see the first shot of our main character played by Mark Wahlberg. Followed by a beautiful shot of space, with what I speculate to be Unicron, if you don’t know who that is go to the Transformers wiki. With more shots of the useless human characters. Don’t even get me started on the little girl telling Wahlberg that she whats to stay and fight, its pretty annoying to listen to. But don’t worry there are more shots of autobots fighting their enemies. And Josh Duhamel returns, I was very upset when he wasn’t in Age of Extinction, but Bay did the right thing and brought him back. The next few moments are by my definition, pure action. I know people are upset about how many explosions Michael Bay puts into the movie, but if they weren’t, then for this one, you’d probably feel different. Anyway, the last shot of the trailer is Optimus holding down Bumblebee and Wahlberg as he takes out his blade as tells them, “Forgive me”, as the screen cuts to black. 
The only major complaint I have towards the plot is, how Anthony Hopkins tells us that Optimus has left, but at the end, we see him alive and ready for murder. The writing could definitely be better. 

But Bay has taken stuff out that normally annoying the audience, for instance, no shots of sexy woman walking around acting idiotic, or mindless explosions that have no right being there, or blatant product placement, Bay has listened to the fans, for crying out loud he put Unicron in this, UNICRON. To all the naysayers, wait till the film is released. 
Spartan Comics, signing off.