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December 2, In a recent interview with Ben Affleck about his new gangster movie “Live By Night”. Naturally, the conversation  turned towards the new Batman movie, “The Batman”. Some questions were asked about how the movie is going. Affleck told the reporter that some thing aren’t going so well behind the scenes. Go look up his recent interview about this. He said that he may not even be directing the movie anymore. Apparently, the script is not finished or just not good. We were told that shooting was supposed to start shooting last year. Then got pushed back. Now, the script isn’t even done. But, the issue with the movie is not working out, than Ben Affleck who is directing, writing, and staring maybe shouldn’t be in total control. Or Warner Bros. could be sticking their nose into the movie like they did with BvS.

Hopefully Ben and Geoff Johns work something out and get this movie going.
December 3, Its official Doctor Strange will be in Thor: Ragnarok. I’m entering spoiler territory here. At the end of Doctor Strange i the mid-credits scene, Thor shows up to talk to Strange about finding his father in New York City. Which we kind of already knew about with the set photos of Odin in rags for Ragnarok. And Thor straight up asks him Strange for his help. this sounds like he’ll be playing a major part in it, like Iron Man in Spiderman: Homecoming.
December 4, Tales from Variety. Woody Harrleson is looking too be cast as Han solo’s mentor in the upcoming Han Solo stand alone movie. This has not been confirmed by Disney, but Harrleson is a good choice to play a mentor type character. He kind of already has that kind character under his belt, from being in Hunger Games. Now Harrleson will be coming off of War for the Planet of the Apes, by the time Han solo hits theaters. Hopefully by that point, he will be ready to take that challenge on. 
December 5, No News.

December 6, No News.
Pretty low budget week, but news none the less. 
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