January 9, Warner Bro. has released a new image for Justice League, featuring Batman, Cyborg, Wonder Woman, Flash and Aquaman. Notice that it not including Superman yet, keeping the preconceived notion that Superman is dead. Its only a mater too time before they release the official teaser trailer. 
January 10, No News.
January 11, Zoe Saldana and Tom Holland have both officially announced that they will both be in Avengers Infinity War. And basically the whole cast of GOTG will be in it to. If Spider man Homecoming does well with audiences, than with him in Infinity War there will be a lot of Spider man merchandise sold. 
If you haven’t heard about the Cars 3 trailers. Where have you been. This new trailer introduces two new characters Jackson Storm and Cruz Ramirez, and of course showing of the new and improved Lightning McQueen. Now, unlike most people, I am a huge Cars fan. Except for Cars 2 that was just stupid. But this new adventure looks a lot grittier than any other Pixar movie to date. Cars 3 will revitalize the way people will look at the Cars franchise. 
January 12, Peter Dinklage is in early talks to have a role in Avengers Infinity War nothing much here just, just speculation.
Thats all the news this week
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