February 20, No news.
February 21, Matt Reeves was rumored to be directing the upcoming Batman movie, but has now confirmed that he will not. 

If DC keeps shooting down great directors and doesn’t do what the fans what them to do, Their cinematic universe will be over in a flash (No pun intended). 
Shazam might have director. This years success with the horror movie Lights Out, has also brought a talented director in it. David F. Sandberg, the director of Lights Out, is in talks to do the Shazam movie. His only real hit or major motion picture is unfortunately Lights Out, with only 1 major film behind him, this may give DC a reason not to hire him. 
February 22, Simon Kinberg long time writer of the X-Men is looking to make is directorial debut with the next X-Men movie.

This entry is supposed to be about the Dark Phoenix saga. We see how that went in X-Men The Last Stand, so hopefully Kinberg won’t screw with this already convoluted universe.
Warner Bros. has released a new trailer for Guy Ritchie’s upcoming adventure film, King Arthur. This trailer is just that a trailer, I would recommend not watching it and going into the Movie blind, it s better that way. 
February 23,
X-Force. Joe Carnahan is rumored to be writing and directing the upcoming X-Force movie. This is just a rumor and we see how directors have been falling out of Warner Bros., so don’t get to excited.
February 24, So Warner Bros. actually made a brilliant casting decision. Matt Reeves is officially directing “The Batman”. 

earlier in the week, Reeves had announced that he wasn’t going to direct, so Warner Bros. finally wised up and said “We should make this genius our director”. And they did, good job Warner Bros.. 

Joe Carnahan may have finally written the best video game movie yet. Incase you’re lost, Carnahan will be writing and directing the Uncharted movie and has told various persons, that the movie will be r-rated. He has intended this all along, saying he wrote the script like the video game. Carnahan may be a genius.

That is all the news this week
Spartan Comics signing off.